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Signs You Might Need Masonry Repair

Signs You Might Need Masonry Repair

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Stone and brick wall construction is a great addition to any home in Winder, GA. That’s especially if you’re planning to build a home with a more sophisticated or elegant design. And while both may last for a long time without any issues, there may come a time when the eventual need for repair arises. When that time comes, you can rest assured that there are experts who can handle this type of specialized repair. 


At Herrera Brothers Masonry, we are more than equipped to handle your needs for masonry repair. But how exactly do you figure out whether your masonry needs repair or not? Read on and find out




Missing or Damaged Mortar


If you have missing or damaged mortars, bricks or stones will start to rub against each other and your wall will warp. This isn’t something you should be worried about right off the bat, but if your masonry walls are getting close to 15 years, then it’s time to have them repointed. Some brick or stone walls may also need repair much earlier depending on where you are and the daily conditions your walls are exposed to. Since this is a delicate procedure, only trust professionals for stone or brick wall construction in Winder, GA because they know what works and what doesn’t.


Bulging/Bowed Brick


Bulging brick happens when bricks start sticking out on certain parts of the wall, creating weird lumps that weren’t there before. Your walls could also start caving in some areas. These are caused by moisture that has accumulated behind the bricks, destroying any plaster or wood behind the wall. This could be the prelude to some serious damage to your walls, so make sure to contact a professional for repairs.


Cracked Bricks


Cracks may occur over time due to a number of reasons. However, if the cracks happen at an angle greater than 30 degrees, it may threaten to collapse your masonry structure and that is something no one wants. This is why you should check for cracks from time to time and have them repaired before they get worse or cause more cracks to the adjacent materials.


Prompt action when it comes to masonry repair can make all the difference. But it isn’t just important to know how to spot masonry damage, you should also be aware of what causes the damage so you can prevent some of them. By knowing what to look out for and performing preemptive maintenance, you can further extend the lifespan of your masonry walls and prevent untimely damage. For instance, vegetation growth on masonry walls is one of the leading causes of damage and you can prevent that by making sure to remove them early on. Poorly executed repairs can also lead to more damage, so it’s important to hire masonry professionals. 


As one of the leading companies for stone and brick wall construction in Winder, GA, Herrera Brothers Masonry is here to provide specialized masonry services in the area. So if you need repairs or any other masonry-related services, call us at 404-867-1224.

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