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Tuckpointing – All You Need to Know about It and More

Tuckpointing - All You Need to Know about It and More


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Bricks or stones provide great cladding for masonry structures. And that’s why stone or brick wall construction is often common in places like Winder, GA or anywhere else. But no matter how durable, the mortar joints are bound to deteriorate over time. That happens even if the bricks or stones themselves are still in good shape. Thankfully, that’s where tuckpointing comes in to save the day. 


What is Tuckpointing?

Masonry structures like chimneys and fireplaces are often built to increase the value of a home. Apart from being durable home features, they also ooze a sophisticated appeal and feature elegantly beautiful designs. But like all things, the mortar joints can suffer damage over time, and “tuckpointing” is the repair process used to stop further destruction. It is also called repointing or brick pointing and while its main purpose is to repair, it can also offer other benefits.

How is It Done?

Tuckpointing is done by removing the damaged mortar and replacing it with a fresh one. While it provides a facelift to the masonry structure, it also helps to maintain the integrity of the structure by keeping moisture out. As this involves complicated procedures to preserve existing structures, it is imperative to only call professionals who are also well-versed with stone or brick wall construction in Winder, GA. And when it comes to this, we at Herrera Brothers Masonry can provide this type of specialized service.

When is It Necessary?

Bricks and stones may very well last for about a century or more, but mortar has a much shorter lifespan of roughly 20-30 years. This depends on how exposed the masonry is to the elements. You can also hire a trained mason to inspect your masonry structure from time to time to determine when it may be necessary. Whatever the case, it’s always better to proactively plan and budget for this possibility down the road.

Signs of Mortar Damage

Some obvious signs to look out for are cracked, partially missing, or broken mortar joints. The mortar may also start protruding from the surface. In some serious cases, the bricks or stone may even start cracking, crumbling, or breaking away from the building. 

Benefits of Tuckpointing

One of the main benefits is that it preserves the life of your masonry structure. But it can also prevent water from entering your brick walls, stop corrosion of mortar joints, and improve the value of your home. It is also a cheaper and far more cost-effective option than tear-down and rebuilds. 

Tuckpointing is a crucial and inevitable part of owning masonry structures. The good news is that it doesn’t have to cost too much as long as you spot the signs early enough and it doesn’t need to be done too often. It’s a preemptive measure that ensures your brick or stone walls, chimneys, and fireplaces remain standing strong for a long time. And if you need help with that, we at Herrera Brothers Masonry are full-service contractors specializing in brick, block, and stone masonry with decades of experience in the industry. So whether you are planning some stone or brick wall construction in Winder, GA or you want to have yours repaired, call us today.

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